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About Us

At Westby’s our first belief is in Integrity. The integrity of our structures as well as the integrity we show in our relationships with our clients.

We can promise that our buildings will maintain the highest quality of structural integrity and are built with the best quality material available on the market.

All our buildings are built with the motto of “Today, Tomorrow, Together”, so that you and your family can enjoy your investment safely for many years to come.

Our buildings are designed by the renowned Architect. Who is responsible formany other beautiful structures.

We shall endeavor to excel in every aspect of our operation and thereby provide quality products and services to our customers. Our organization will have a challenging and satisfying working environment so that the talents and potential of our human resource is given the full opportunity to blossom & grow. We shall maintain a high degree of integrity in our business conduct and this characteristic will prevail in our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, our contractors, our financiers, our employees & indeed our entire society.

Customer Policy: To always focus on the customer; because the customer’s satisfaction is our inspiration.

Business Policy: To conduct the business with high integrity.

Employee Policy: To nurture the best human resource through training & motivation.

Quality Policy: To consistently develop high quality real estate to keep our standard above others.

Environment Policy: To address environmental issues apparently & clearly on our activities in line.

Future Policy: To endeavor innovation to excel in every aspect of our operation.